Miyabi-toro: Top-grade Tuna

Experts in judging the quality of tuna use a special Japanese term, “kado ga tatsu,” to express the excellent texture of top-grade tuna. This term refers to a nice, firm texture, still with a generous amount of fat. You will understand what it means as soon as you bite into our product. Miyabi-maguro is fatty tuna imparting a firmer texture than any other tuna. In other words, Miyabi-maguro is kado ga tatsu tuna, featuring a firm, pleasant texture.

The three elements for its "firm flesh"

  • They are raised in Kayaki, Nagasaki that has a vast open sea and hard currents.
  • We use specially formulated food developed by our cultivated food manufacture.
  • We take care to ship Miyabi-maguro promptly with fastidious care.

The most important
thing is freshness

We pole-line each tuna from the fish tank to keep its taste and shape.

It is not easy to handle grown tuna weighing over 80kg.We give the tuna an electric shocks and gaff it into the boat.
Shipping tuna is a work against time. Faster action provides better taste.
Teamwork is the key to delivering tasty Miyabi-maguro.

Flow to shipment

  1. We pole-line each tuna from the fish tank.
  2. We gaff the tuna into the boat.
  3. After gaffing onto the boat, we take out the gills and inner parts, then put them into the tank with ice.
  4. The tanks are unloaded from the boat, then refrigerated overnight at the tuna market.
  5. Washing the tuna before the shipping.
  6. Putting the tuna on a trolley, and placing them on a table for shipping not to give them any bruise.
  7. Gently sliding the tuna into the shipping case.
  8. The shipping case is filled with ice.
  9. Ready for shipping.

The secret of its

Tuna are similar to human beings. The food intake is an important factor in raising healthy fish as it is in raising healthy humans. We have developed a specially formulated food for Miyabi-dai which our food manufacture spent more than 10 years developing. We have applied the same food process to Miyabi-maguro as we did with our Miyabi-dai and we also feed mackerel to our Miyabi-maguro.

Recipient of Grand Prize

As part of a bluefin tuna festival in Nagasaki, the prefecture boasting the largest shipping volume of tuna in Japan, a competitive bluefin tuna show was held. Nine major aquaculture companies entered the competition. The screening of tuna from the companies’ fish farms was performed by five expert and 10 lay judges in terms of the tuna’s color, shape, and flavor. The result was that Miyabi-maguro won the grand prize. We will continue providing Japan’s best tuna by paying special attention to product quality and freshness.